Packaging design

Packaging is an integral part of every brand’s identity and is so powerful many people believe that a product’s package is almost as important as the product itself. Innovative packaging designs are changing the way we view and perceive products. With the rise of online shopping, a product’s packaging is now often the first point of contact a new customer has with your brand and a beautifully designed product package can be the difference between a customer choosing a product or not. Boldfish are experienced packaging designers who create beautiful packaging that represents your brand and product perfectly and can make all the difference in product sales and overall success.

Thinking outside the box

User experience is not just limited to the digital landscape. Whether you’re selling online or in stores, it’s important to consider all packaging as a part of the entire brand experience, not an isolated event. Packaging used to be just for product storage but not anymore. Packaging now represents an opportunity to make a great first impression for your customers and every detail matters. Creative and thoughtful packaging can add value and command attention by delighting customers unboxing a new product purchase to create a memorable brand experience. Your packaging should be a brand experience that elicits feelings of delight, prestige, fun, or innovative by creating something unique and memorable.

Get notices, get purchased

Here are a few tips to on how to differentiate your next packaging project by making it more engaging, functional, reusable, sustainable and of course, Instagram-friendly…

Instagrammable designs

It makes good business sense to create packaging that not only catches a buyer’s eye on the shelf but grows awareness of your brand online too. The Paper Worker notes that 40% of all consumers would share a picture of packaging on social media if it were visually appealing. When shared socially, packaging can be a great way to grow awareness of your brand.

Fun arrival messaging

Quirky messages and slogans give an insight into a brand’s personality and provide a fun and memorable experience for consumers. Messaging such as “Good things await you”, “You’ve been expecting me” and “Hello: I’m here” are examples of personal phrases that build anticipation and excitement for the consumer.

Seasonal / collectable packaging

Another way to differentiate your product from others is to occasionally change your packaging design during special seasons of the year. One example is Starbucks’ red holiday cups where around the holiday season, Starbucks switches from their usual white cups to red winter cups to house their gingerbread lattes among others. People await the arrival of the red cups all year long, and their appearance has become a definitive symbol of the arrival of the Holiday season. They are also commonly shared on Instagram and Twitter.


One great way for businesses to stand out, especially when starting, is to introduce localised designs. Consumers who identify with the area the product is sold in will be drawn to a product that they feel represents them well.


Illustrators can provide originality, style and humour to any packaging design to better align with your brand story and targeted audience. Customised illustration can compliment the brand and add value to packaging designs making it more sharable on social media.


Environmental-consciousness is more than just an ethical choice—it’s a good business decision. Mintel’s 2019 Global Food and Drink Trends reveal that when it comes to Australia, 32 per cent of urban Australians prefer products that are sold in eco-friendly packaging.

QR codes

Packaging can often have a limited content area so the addition of a QR code can give consumers a link to more information as required. Tutorials, instructional videos, microsites, landing pages, registration pages and more information can be easily accessed giving your consumers a more informed and better purchasing and brand experience.


Health-conscious consumers want to know exactly what they are eating making transparent window packaging a popular trend. Today, a lot of health and organic brands are making a shift in their packaging designs to allowing consumers to see the product inside. This gives the consumer more reassurance about the product also making the brand more authentic.

Keeping it legal

An aspect of the design process that is too often an afterthought, or even overlooked completely by businesses and entrepreneurs is the information that different products are required to display by law.

Packaging partners

Great packaging outcomes are a result of collaboration between designers and printers, stakeholders, and users. With over 20 years of experience in packaging design, Boldfish is a valuable partner in any packaging design project. We have our packaging manufacturing partners but have also successfully partnered with many client suppliers over the journey. Either way, we are simply about achieving great packaging outcomes for your brand. We help protect our clients ROI and brand quality control a with collaborative can-do approach ensuring all packaging designs are on-brand, high quality and deliver the right UX for your audience.

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