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In this changing landscape of customer goals and choices, creative design becomes a key business advantage. Design and creativity are key differentiators for businesses looking to pull away from competitors and deliver the best experiences for their customers. Regardless of how established a business is if its branding and presentation to market seems dated or out of touch it can quickly create opportunities for new market entrants to seize market share. Where once you could ‘set and forget’ your brand positioning, today’s consumers want amazing content and experiences on their favourite devices, every minute of the day. A well-crafted experience — one based on deep customer understanding, effective visuals, and relevant interactions — can make the difference between a loyal, repeat customer and one who gives up and walks away unsatisfied. Brand positioning and markets often evolve and change during any product or company lifecycle. Customers align with brands that excite and engage with relevant interactions that enhance and enrich their world. As John Maeda put it, “Design isn’t just about beauty; it’s about market relevance and meaningful results.”

Turn your business social content from average to eye-catching

It’s no secret that social media is essential to modern business. Social media is transferring the power and influence of ‘word of mouth’ and is revolutionising the world of marketing as we know it and according to the Global Web Index, the average person has five social media accounts. Social networks allow you to reach current and new consumers, spread your message, and build your brand and no matter your preferred social platform — whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Snapchat — basic design principles can take your business’ profile from average to eye-catching. How do you capture the generation of quick views and skimming? Skim through your own social media news feed and notice which images grab your attention or, even more importantly, which images get you to click. Stopping the mindless scroll takes creativity and contrast including…

Human design

People are drawn to a more human design: something unique as well as purposeful so chances are, they will not be traditional stock photos. Instead, they will be images with an intriguing thought, animations, personalised content, engaging messaging and relevant statistics. To be able to target more customers, your design needs to be spectacular and purposeful at the same time and your audience should be able to easily understand your brand’s story—even if they only catch it at a glimpse.


Immersed with so much content on a daily basis, audiences have become more sophisticated when it comes to spotting fake or sponsored content. The lesson here is to remain authentic if you want to establish a personal connection with viewers.


With such a high percentage of our waking hours spent online, audiences have become somewhat desensitised to digital content. For this reason, viewers have become more and more drawn to unique, bold and engaging experiences. The more senses a piece of visual content is able to engage, the more memorable it becomes.


Creating character-driven visual stories helps an audience establish a personal connection with the message being shared. You may be familiar with some of the most classic archetypes, such as the caregiver, the explorer, the hero and the rebel. These become powerful tools in delivering the right visuals to the audiences that will identify with them most.


A key to connecting with an audience is providing the right message at the right time through the right visual representation. Tapping into cultural events, timely occurrences and emerging trends is vital to relevant visual storytelling.

Brand relevance

Brand management has never been more challenged to maintain relevancy. Today’s consumers crave content and experiences by aligning themselves with brands that excite, engage and enrich their world and they want information, fast. Their expectations are high and continuing to evolve and if an experience is not well designed, they will simply choose to take their business elsewhere. While most businesses today understand the importance of Customer Experience (CX), many are unable to connect the dots across channels, devices and moments to tell a consistent brand story that resonates with consumers which is critical in today’s digital landscape. “We need to earn the right to be part of the conversation. And you earn that right by being relevant,” reflects Pepsico Chief Design Officer Mauro Porcini. Every moment of touch by the consumer needs to be well thought out and brilliantly executed. A successful brand has to be consistent in communication and experience, across every touchpoint the target market experiences.

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  • Animations / motion graphics
  • Digital design (landing pages, eDMs)
  • In-store retail planograms
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