Digital design

With over 3.1 billion global consumers online you get an idea of the challenge brands face today to constantly create meaningful connections with their customers. Smartphones, tablets, and other devices like smartwatches and other wearables have empowered customers to engage with brands completely on their terms whenever and wherever they want. They want amazing content and experiences on their devices every minute of the day and align with brands that excite and enrich their world. Their expectations are high and continuing to evolve and if an experience is not well designed, they will simply choose to take their business elsewhere with a simple swipe.

Better UI = Better UX

In this ever-expanding competitive digital landscape brands that succeed are the ones that speak directly and effectively to a customer’s need. Brands must create exceptional UX (user experiences) and include mobile design strategies that help you speak to your customer on a personal level and help them stay engaged across all channels and devices. All successful products or services have UX at their heart. A positive UX creates a strong affinity with the user above the casual interactions with other products and services. Strong enough to want to stay loyal to that brand and for it to be with them all day and every day becoming a part of their life. Great UI (user interface) design creates a positive experience for users by understanding and fulfilling their needs. Boldfish creates intuitive digital UI designs that are on-brand, functional, easy to use and enjoyable to interact with resulting in positive experiences and a meaningful connection with your brand.

Designers and developers collaboration

Great user experiences are a result of collaboration between designers and developers, stakeholders, and users and Boldfish is a valuable partner in any digital design project. We have over 20 years experience in digital design and development including product landing pages, eDMs, entry-level content-driven sites for startups through to large complex global digital solutions. We are flexible and have our digital development partners but have also successfully partnered with many internal/external client development teams over the journey. Either way, we are about great outcomes for your brand. We help protect our clients ROI and brand quality control a with collaborative can-do approach ensuring all digital touchpoints are on-brand, high quality and deliver the right UX for your audience.

Considering a new website?

So you want a new website? You want to make it modern, responsive, engaging, load faster, easier to update, scalable with your business growth, make money – the reasons for re-building or even building a website are endless. But if you do it without a goal and a plan you are likely to find yourself in a mess with a blown budget and a website that’s less than perfect. Boldfish talk to the people that know your brand to discuss UX strategy and better understand your target market and business objectives. After all, no-one understands your business better than you. We can then design from an informed position and build a digital design that is on brand and targets the right customer and delivers the right UI/UX and message in a meaningful way.

Digital design services

  • Website design & development
  • Microsite design & development
  • Landing pages
  • eDMs
  • Animations / motion graphics
  • Digital & print advertisements
  • Digital & print catalogues
  • Digital & print sell sheets
  • Social media assets
  • Digital newsletters / blogs
  • Email signatures

Case Studies

Not sure where to start and need help?

Interested in how our digital design experience with leading brands could benefit your business? Please connect with Rohan, our Head of Brand. No strings attached, just the opportunity to discuss and identify your current digital design challenges and opportunities and receive some honest, straightforward advice from an independent expert. We’d love to hear more about your business and objectives. Please email or call us on (03) 9894 0548 to discuss and learn how our experience with leading brands could add value and benefit your business.