Brand strategy / discovery

Brand positioning and markets often evolve and change during any product or company lifecycle. Regardless of how established a business is, if its branding and presentation to market seem dated or out of touch it can quickly create opportunities for new market entrants to seize market share. Brand strategy is your blueprint to understanding who you are internally and how to best communicate it to your audience. It’s an insightful and results-driven process involving a discussion and audit of current brand issues, existing marketing tactics and channels. Research unlocks insight and helps distil findings down to a clear brand definition and position. It helps differentiate your brand, empathise more with customers, tell a more consistent brand story, clarify your capabilities and promote a culture of collaboration and a shared vision.

CX strategy

While most businesses today understand the importance of Customer Experience (CX), many are unable to connect the dots across channels, devices and moments to tell a consistent brand story that resonates with consumers which is critical in today’s digital landscape. Every moment of touch by the consumer needs to be well thought out and brilliantly executed. Marketing researcher Craig Borowski put it well when he wrote in a 2015 Harvard Business Review article: “A consumer’s impression of a brand is like a mosaic. It’s made up of many individual touchpoints. When a consumer is faced with a big decision, say abandoning a known brand for its competitor, the overall mosaic impression is often what convinces them to stay.“ These little touches add up to an overwhelmingly positive experience, keeping the customer coming back.

A process for success

Research unlocks insight to differentiate your brand and collaboration is very much at the heart of our work. Boldfish talk to the people that know your brand to discuss strategy and better understand your business objectives. After all, no-one understands your business better than you. We can then design from an informed position and build a brand that targets the right customer and delivers the right message in a meaningful way.

1. Conducting research

  • Clarify visions strategies goals and values
  • Interview key management to learn business objectives
  • Present visual stylescapes/moodboards to help brainstorm relevant brand directions
  • Research stakeholders needs and perceptions
  • Evaluate existing brands and brand architecture

2. Clarifying strategy

  • Reflect on learnings / distill and define brand strategy
  • Create process map
  • Develop a positioning platform
  • Co-create brand attributes

3. Designing identity

  • Visualise the future
  • Brainstorm big idea
  • Design brand identity
  • Explore applications
  • Finalise brand architecture
  • Achieve agreement

4. Creating touch points

  • Finalise identity design
  • Develop look and feel
  • Discuss trademark protection
  • Prioritise and design applications
  • Design program
  • Apply brand architecture

5. Managing assets

  • Build synergy around new brand
  • Develop launch strategy and plan
  • Launch internally first, then externally
  • Develop brand standards and guidelines
  • Manage new ongoing brand touchpoint assets

Service offerings

  • Brand strategy (key stakeholder Interviews / questionnaires / brandstorming)
  • Brand audits & healthchecks
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand architecture
  • Naming (brand, product, service, event)
  • Brand advertising campaign development
  • Brand audit
  • Brand management
  • Brand guidelines
  • Process mapping

Case Studies

Considering a rebrand?

So it’s time for you to take a step back and audit the experience your team is creating and how it’s being delivered to your customers and employees. Is it relevant? Consistent? Personalised? Does it tie together, clarify, and enhance the story you want to be telling with your brand? A Brand Audit is the first step in professional Brand Strategy Development. It helps you review and determine the strength of your brand together with its weaknesses or inconsistencies creating opportunities for improvement and new growth. Designers possess unique ways of thinking, and they have unique problem-solving skills that are decidedly different than their more linear, analytical coworkers. While associates working for a company are so closely involved in day-to-day interactions that their judgement of their overall brand image and performance can often be clouded. A brand audit involves a fresh and thorough examination of a brand’s current position in the market compared to its competitors and a review of its effectiveness. It can be adapted to any business size ranging from start-ups, small and medium businesses right through to global leaders. It lays the foundation for identifying brand strengths and opportunities by systematically addressing questions about the overall category, the company, it’s offerings, competitors and customers. Once armed with this information we can then leverage from our two decades of brand-building experience and collaborate on the best strategy to work hard and achieve your business objectives together.

Not sure where to start and need help?

Interested in how our creative experience with leading brands could benefit your business? Please connect with Rohan, our Head of Brand. No strings attached, just the opportunity to discuss and identify your current brand challenges and opportunities and receive some honest, straightforward advice from an independent expert. We’d love to hear more about your business and objectives. Please email or call us on (03) 9894 0548 to discuss and learn how our experience with leading brands could add value and benefit your business.